May 19 2016

The Graduates

Four days between two graduations: one up north in Buffalo, then down south to DC. It’s a lot of driving. Georgetown University‘s graduation is a week-long festival (the full page schedule): from Wednesday to Sunday. They do things small, like a club, which is the real charm of the school.

Day 1 – Thursday: the first event we attended is the all-important Convocation at 2 pm, which was the first event for the freshmen in 2012. Both were held at the McDonough Arena, their basketball court. The kids wear the same gown, twice. It’s a Jesuit school but religion presence is at its minimum, which is good for the heathens.

All the events have an ensemble to serenade and a reception to follow.

The second event is the Sigma Theta Tau International (IHS – Int’l Honor Society) induction at the beautiful Dahlgren Chapel at 5 pm.

The ceremony is short and sweet. My child worked very hard to attain this honor, even I kept telling them to just have a good time, enjoy their time on campus.

We called it a day after dinner at Clarendon.

image image

Day 2 – Friday: the day begins with a coffee at Dean & DeLuca and a walk on the Potomac River – Georgetown waterfront park.

The design (city planning) is spectacular: to the right is the Key bridge; across the river is lush green and to the left are restaurants; Swedish Embassy and Kennedy Center.

The lunch is a real treat: kids get together prepared it for us, their parents.

They also made a brief speech to thank us and their loved ones, for their support. The victory lap is toasting with bubbles and drink from it.

We skipped Tropaia at 2 pm.

The Pinning Ceremony is held at the Lohrfink Auditorium @ Hariri Building at 3 pm, when and where they receive their pin, with a yellow rose.

My child in once again, being honored.

The cute dog is their mascot – the kids take turn/designated staff to care for it.

The Ball is held at Union Station, from 9pm-1am. It’s packed with kids, their parents and even babies – in arms and strollers.

The school issued colorful bracelets which made getting in is a breeze – although there was a line when we got there. The food, various cuisines, is decent with the open bar, multi-levels.

Day 3 – Saturday: The commencement is at 12 noon on Saturday. The ensemble is phenomenal, playing Beethoven‘s No 5 (4th movement). Could there be any better final act than this? The kids came in before their professors or faculties – the music is just marvelous. Thanks for giving us a memorable and wonderful ending.

Around the Dupont Circle there are few old bookstores, very charming, later have dinner.

IMG_0195 IMG_0228

Nice stroll in Georgetown (church, Key bridge and Rose Park), and revisit the farmer’s market.

IMG_0162 IMG_0253

Day 4 – Sunday: moving out day while more events are going on at the school – we didn’t go. We’re all pretty spent. I walked the Key bridge one more time. After breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien we left for home.

Bye bye Georgetown, for now. Thank you and we will meet again.

May 19 2016

Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart

This small Roman Catholic church is on Georgetown University campus, where we fall in love with the university (wiki) when we first came to visit, unplanned.

IMG_1722 IMG_9555 IMG_9585 IMG_1783

My child is being honored at the graduation.



May 19 2016

Convocation 2016

Not many universities have convocation. The religion present at Georgetown is just right: nearly none. It offers two convocations: the one at beginning and this one at the end, at the graduation. Kids get to use the gowns twice.

Diversity is cherished, which is also politically correct. The procession led by the kids (on Youtube) come first, then the big wigs.

IMG_1656 image IMG_9498

Put the pin on each other

IMG_1675 IMG_1673

The weather turns out nice, after all.

image image

… and the reception at the Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall.

image image

It’s the end to a fabulous four years and the start to an adventure. Good luck to my love and to all.

May 19 2016

Beethoven closed it out

It could not have ended any better: the ensemble played Symphony No. 5’s 4th movement at the commencement. Mr. Beethoven’s music, seems to me is about to overcome and triumph. I couldn’t imagine the world without him.

IMG_1644 - Copy IMG_9555 IMG_2088 IMG_0023

May 19 2016

Cava Mezze @ Clarendon

This is a chain (is there a restaurant that isn’t part of a chain?) at Clarendon @ Arlington. Nice. Good food, (a flame dish)

image image image image image image image image image image image image

May 19 2016

Clarendon, Arlington, Virginia


05.19 @ Clarendon

A perfect little area/town near DC. Everything seems new which surprise me, because of its proximity to Washington DC. Perfect people, young, well groomed, fit, with dogs. All like a movie set, wiki.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

May 19 2016

Georgetown University in May 2016

IMG_9465 IMG_9463 IMG_9794 IMG_1613

The freshmen (Harbin Hall) and sophomore (Kennedy Hall) year dorms. Only the Jesuits can be buried at this cemetery.

IMG_9920 IMG_9870

The out door tennis courts are gone – they moved indoor.

image image

image IMG_9952

… McDonough Arena where both convocations took place.

image image

There are families, generations apart, attending the school.