Jun 27 2016

Tappan Zee bridge

It’s built during the Korean War when materials were hard to find. On average, 138,000 vehicles per day pass by. The bridge was designed to last only 50 years. Now they’re building a new one (wiki) since 2013 and planned completion in 2018. I’m holding my breath. The bridge in May 2016.

IMG_2512 IMG_2514

Jun 27 2016

A giantic movie theater

2001 Elmwood Ave,
Buffalo, NY 14207

This Regal is gigantic: at least 18 screens plus an IMAX. Bathrooms are close by but is as cold as a freezer. We took in X-Men: Apocalypse, with Jennifer Lawrence, etc. Hugh Jackman showed up for a few seconds out of, nearly two and half hours of action.

image image


Jun 27 2016

A corner of Buffalo

Elmwood Ave, near Regal movie house.

image image

Jun 27 2016

Shango the last time

This is our third time. Probably the last time. King’s graduated, hence less incentive to go up north.

Food is as usual but the service is so so. We went early and the restaurant is empty but the girl couldn’t wait to clean out the table.

image image image image image image image image image image

Jun 27 2016

Tinkle the Tinker Falls

Truxton, NY


Tinker Falls

The water fall is a little disappointing: just some water drops falling down. But the lush trees make up for it. As we are driving up here, a heavy rain befalls on us. So the blue sky is our silver lining.

image image image image image image

Direction: Take I-81 to Exit 14 and proceed east on Rt-11 through Tully. Make a right onto Rt-91 heading south.You will pass Labrador Pond on your right. Tinker Falls will be shortly after on your left.