Aug 6 2016

Grain House, II

This is the second time, also the last time. The picture below, next to the menu is tea, not coffee. Yelp

image image

We arrived at 11:30 for lunch to an empty restaurant. There is a woman with two children, about 6 years old, by the bar who didn’t bother to acknowledge us. A cartoon is on the tv the entire time. The kids roam around the restaurant, from time to time as they wish. I understand the working parents dilemma but this isn’t the place to keep your children, especially when you want to establish yourself as a serious business.

image image image image

  • Beef tribe is good
  • Lamb wrapped in tinfoil is good
  • Dandan noddle is ok
  • Juicy soup buns/dumplings – Xiaorong Bao is terrible, from supermarket frozen section?
  • Eggplant is too sweet
  • Beef Lo Mein is ok
  • Rice, for Pete’s sake is old and hard

image image

The dumplings cost $6.25 when Nanxiang charges $5.25 with supiror quality, no comparison.