Sep 12 2016

Room 1705

1705 1st Avenue
New York (88 & 89th streets) Yelp

A lovely neighborhood wine bar. They serve the best mustard. The prosciutto and Spanish ham are super tender and delicious. Love their brick walls and art works on them – one of it looks rather like Hillary Clinton. Whatever.

Bordeaux is the lightest, all good tho:

  • 2012 Rocaille, Syrah langue doc-roussillon France $11
  • 2014 rascal, Pinot noir Oregon $10
  • 2013 Chateau Allegret, Bordeaux France $11

The first thing I spot is Save Water Drink Wine which is identical to this at Chez Napolèon … hmmm … plagiarism -:)

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Sep 12 2016

South street seaport

Ivanka Trump is just here, out of a limo and into the building. The merchant ship Peking is being restored elsewhere.


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Sep 12 2016

Manhattan bridge and Chinatown

The original one @ St. James; the bridgeChinatown

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