Dec 23 2016

Sangria 71, the 2nd time

We were there for the new year eve 2015… probably won’t try the third time?

Dec 20 2016

Tang Korean Restaurant

196-50 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11358
(718) 279-7080

It’s two dinning areas, the main and the narrow one to the right where we dined. High ceiling with exposed brick wall (not sure real or fake) is nice but it’s pretty cold. It’s a Tuesday evening. The around-the-clock restaurateur is full. The waiting staff is so busy that they would walking by, while still moving, asks if we’re doing fine or need anything. If you don’t shout loud and fast, she’ll be out of your range. Not my way of having a meal.
Food is ok, a neighborly place for a meal. My Yelp review.


Dec 19 2016

Hunan House 湘水山庄

40W W 56th St,
New York, NY 10019
(212) 213-2299

Due to Donald Trump, 56th Street was closed. I’ve to park on 57th between 5th and 6th Avenue – free after 7pm.

The restaurant is comfortable and waiting staff is friendly. Their food is decent but doesn’t merit an extra trip.  The bathroom in the basement could use an update. On yelp


Dec 18 2016

Sushi Republic

3365 Hillside Ave
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

A neighborhood sushi/Asian restaurant. I didn’t have much appetite, and stayed with their pancake and seaweed salad. The house wine is fine. For reasons I couldn’t quite grasp the fact that the drinks – wine and beer are all 50% off, printed on their menu. If they’re part of permanent menu why not go with the price they actually charge?
One of my companions ordered shrimp with lobster sauce that are totally tasteless – she kept on adding salt, pepper, soy sauce and even mustard. Others have the all-you-can-eat and enjoyed.
The servers are friendly with smiles but part of service is slow: I’ve asked for extra napkins five times (to cover the chipped table) and got up myself to pay, which I don’t mind. They weren’t busy on a Sunday night. On yelp


Dec 10 2016

Housing Works Bookstore Café

126 Crosby St
New York

High ceiling, warm, welcoming and quaint. One of my fave spots in downtown. The long commune table in the back to enjoy a book or cup of coffee. The X’mas carol.
My review on Yelp


Dec 10 2016

Garfunkel & Tauster, speakeasy

67 Clinton St,
New York, NY 10002
(212) 529-6900

A neat and cozy place on the second floor of a burger joint with little history (see below). I enjoy the ambient of the room: the throw looks very comfy; fresh flowers. However, the tableware can use an improvement so are the bits; they were served 1:45 later – we scheduled to be there for two hours. When I leave I saw the food on their counter – Gosh, unappetizing!


The speakeasy owes its name to the felonious private bankers-turned–criminal fugitives, Garfunkel & Tauster, who originally used the location as their corrupt bank firm in the 1920’s. To remind guests of the building’s exciting history, a functional bank vault door is used as the entrance into the wonderful Gatsby-esque speakeasy.


The SantaCon is in the area.

Dec 10 2016

Santacon in New York

A Pub crawl type of event – wiki. It’s today at Lower East Side in NYC. Very calm.