Mar 15 2017

JetBlue at JFK

JFK terminal 5

After the security 🚨 check point, is the center of the terminal #5 which is the food court with seating and wide steps, where people sit to read, eat or listening to their mobile devices. It feels welcoming and relaxing. A few wine bars and cafes make people wanting to enjoy a drink or two.


Mar 15 2017

LA’s flowers

There are many pretty flowers in Los Angeles!

Mar 15 2017

Los Angeles 2017

15-22. I haven’t been to LA since my transit a few years ago. Forgot how nice the weather is there, and the many bird of paradise. We covered more sites than we anticipated, which is a surprise. LA has many wonderful corners that worth visiting. The public transports are not as convenient. Food price is slightly cheaper; downtown is developing, still; drive by shooting.


  1. JetBlue; VW; California Pita; flowers n the drinking tea bottle
  2. Griffith Park n the mayor @ Observatory; downtownStaples Center of LA KingsBarcito
  3. Santa Monica to Venice Beach n Marina Del Rey; LA Rose CafeHubbard
  4. Chinatown; Fortune Gourmet; Redondo beach; Lighthouse; Corazon
  5. DTF; Huntington Library; Capital Seafood @ Monterey
  6. Canyon ranch; Hollywood Blvd. Ssam Korean veggie wrap
  7. TCLPain Quotidien @ Westwood; UCLA Medical Center
  8. CulverPain Quotidien @ Culver, a fair tale; luckily we caught an earlier flight!


Mar 15 2017

Volkswagen @ Santa Monica

2440 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(424) 322-2756

Many thanks to Kenny, who picked us up from the airport and provided us with many local knowledge for relocation. He made the transaction so smooth. Really liked his manner and straightforwardness. I appreciate a honest salesman.

The dealership is well run – we only made a few phone inquires. During one call, when the lady on the phone heard that we’re coming from the airport she immediately offered the pick up – that’s a thoughtful service. I’ve a few car buying experience in the past and many bordering on indecent practices (at least in my limited worldly view).

This is my first leasing experience and wasn’t too crazy about the little pressure from the woman who did the paper work: she tried to sell us every thing! Lease protection that cost $355 a month on a 36 month period. It cost twice as much than the leasing amount. Hello!!!! Gosh, how does this business model work?? She kept on telling stories about VW sending bills for the smallest damages at termination time. I’m thinking while she went on and on … does VW want repeat costumer or they just want to screw you?

Mar 15 2017

California Pita

12001 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 478-6200

(Sawtelle @ Brockton Ave.)

We’re pressed with time – 30 min – so we dived into this fast food store. Pleasant workers. Slow service. Terrible salmon – not sure if its edible – not fresh, hard. Good gyro tho.