Mar 16 2017

LA Chinatown

This is the older Chinatown in LA, next door to Olvera Street. It has many arches and ornamented buildings, and of course the status of Bruce Lee and Sun Zhongshan. It is not crowded at all. The only crowd is to be find at Howling Ray’s. Parking is relatively inexpensive.


Mar 16 2017

LA downtown

To the southeast of Staples Center, in LA, sees army recruitment center, new buildings being completed and under way …

Mar 16 2017

LA downtown

The home of LA Kings in downtown Los Angeles, which is nicely designed and developed. The entire neighborhood, some calls it LA Live, is humming: cranes are everywhere. There’s a army recruitment center.


Mar 16 2017

LA Live

The downtown Los Angeles, around the Staples Center.

Mar 16 2017


403 W 12th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 415-1821

A good 3.5 small plate bat restaurant, in a up and coming area – the gallery across the street was hosting a party for the perspective apartment renters/buyers.

I like the high ceiling and decor. Food/service is good. There’s networking cocktail party going on – so many suits and skirts. The lamb is tender and delicious, the shrimps are little short.

The neighborhood is full of constructions: newly built and some are under way.


Mar 16 2017

Ron Hubbard’s footprints in LA

4810 Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 953-3200

Scientology (wiki) is perhaps best known for one or two of the followers, Tom Cruise and John Travolta; or maybe three: Gloria Swanson too. There is this big blue building, next to LA Rose Cafe, on the street that’s named after it’s founder, L Ron Hubbard Way.

Author Services Inc representing L. Ron Hubbard’s literary, theatrical and musical works, locates at Hollywood Blvd. and at N Sycamore Ave/Hollywood is the church info center – next to Egyptian/American Cinematheque.


Mar 16 2017

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Park, 2800 E Observatory Rd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800

In the Griffith Park, opened on May 14, 1935. It’s art deco style, overlooking Los Angeles. We visited it twice, once a day and also at night. Fortunately, both times have clear weather.

The views are fantastic all around.

We got there very early – unplanned – before 10 am on Thursday. Ran into the mayor of LA’s news conference on shuttle service: parking will be paid to subsidize the free shuttle. Someone somehow has to pay -:).

It opens at noon. Crowds build up as time nears. Inside isn’t much … we snaked on its terrace over looking the Hollywood sign.

At night:


Mar 16 2017

Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 913-4688

This is a joggers paradise – there’s so many trails (beware some are dry and pretty slippery !!) with wonderful views. The Central Park of LA? The Greek Theater is there too. Parking is pretty easy. Of course there is the Observatory, and I did a little yoga -:)



Mar 16 2017

Building downtown

Los Angeles


Mar 16 2017

Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles‘ mayor since 2013. We ran into his press conference at the Griffith Observatory, announcing DASH service. No one except a few staff and media. One reporter (or maybe just a visitor to the park?) use mobile phone (see the credit cards?) on a tripod, pretty cute.

The homes on Hillhurst Avenue and N Vermont Avenue are pretty nice. Not sure what the complains are: the Observatory was opened in 1935. Most residents there should have known what they’re getting into. If they don’t like the traffic, they shouldn’t have chose to live there.