May 6 2017

Don Giovanni @ Met

The plaza at Lincoln Center was busy, buzzing with opera and concert goers.

The opera was a sold out performance. The famed tenor Plácido Domingo was in the pit, conducting. A Korean from Seoul, Jeongcheol Cha (bass-baritone) played Masetto part. Donna Anna was portrait by Angela Meade.



May 6 2017

Riverside Park

We’ve a little time before the opera Don Giovanni, we took a stroll in the neighborhood, turning left to 72nd Street from Broadway.


Riverside Park is a 4-mile long scenic waterfront belt along side of Hudson River on the upper west side in Manhattan. Far north is the President Grant’s Tomb at West 122nd Street. At 72nd Street, Eleanor Roosevelt Monument anchors (city park).


May 6 2017


864 Madison Ave
New York

My favored little French bakery/cafe. At times it can get busy but it’s a nice place to take in a cup of coffee. Although macarons are too sweet for me but from time to time I crave for it. The Sichuan pepper, yes the province that is famous for spicy cuisine is pretty neat.
They don’t have bathroom for patrons. Our bill was padded – thank lord my gf checked – they delete the item.
It’s one of very few eateries in the US that uses handheld credit card device. Not sure it will eliminate the cc theft but maybe a good step forward.