May 12 2017

Leeds, New York

1096 Ira Vail Road,
Leeds, New York 12451

The Guangming Temple has a pot of land abt 100 acres in upstate Leeds, Greene County in the Catskill. It’s directly north of their Chinatown temple, 127 miles door to door to be exact. According to wiki, Leeds’ pop 377 and area is 0.54 sq miles (1.39 sq km). They don’t have piped in gas but use out door canister.

The two store house is newly renovated. A shed to the side.


The land is very enchanting, although there are far too many bugs that fly into your eyes – it’s only May. Wondering what would be in the summer.


0.7 miles south is 大乘寺 (wiki) Da Chengsi (@ 710 Ira Vail Rd.) It has a temple in Chinatown (133 Canal St., #1, New York, NY 10002, under the name of Mahayana Temple Buddhist Association) too. We drove in but the temple is closed.



May 12 2017


Empire State Plaza
Downtown Albany, NY

I’ve been to NY state capital a few years ago on a tennis tournament but did not come to the power center (aerial photo). The buildings are very grand and impressive, especially the State Capitol (wiki), finished in 1899. And a little free library.


The  State Education Building and Legislative Office Building (built in 1972).


The Egg and more …