May 22 2017

The train line

A few in this link how reliable is it? (a year ago – May 2016) – wrote that Train Line is more expensive but I found otherwise. Be-known that is within UK while covers continental Europe.

The Train Line is easy to use especially for people who don’t know who the carriers are. For example, I need a ticket from The fares change but not really according to if you book x weeks in advance. When I looked up on May 22, 2017, the tickets from London to Oxford go for:

  1. May 24
  2. June 5
  3. June 6

It operates @ Paddington Station, which is a short hub (5 stops) from the Eurostar @ St. Pancras Int’l – Kings Cross. The ticket is expensive tho, £4.90 (x 1.293) = $6.34.