May 30 2017

A breeze @ JFK’s T4

Terminal 4 @ JFK; the beautiful sunset.

A frequent business travel friend complained on WeChat an hour ago: “看来还是要停止抵制美联航。今天飞多伦多,试了一下porter airline。比原定时间推迟俩小时,据说雷阵雨不能按时起飞。更不方便的是脱鞋、解腰带、搜身都来了,看来美联航的Pre换了航空公司就不管用了,呵呵。” but the start of my trip is a breeze. At T4, there is no line. No taking out phone/laptop; empty your pockets. Open your purse. Take off shoes and strip search. Non of the above. Omg. It’s like pre 9/11.

With so much time on hand I shopped. For a pair of very similar sun glasses ray ban sells $160 while Prada $330. Oh well, the power of shopping.

Frankfurt airport has non working escalator like last time, which strikes me a bit unusual. It’s pretty warm too. Again no one wastes energy the way USA does.



May 30 2017

The last ray of the day

From JFK to FRA @ sunset.