May 31 2017

Da Nico

Leipziger Straße 50
Frankfurt am Main

This neighborhood Italian restaurant has been in business long before my first visit to Frankfurt in 1983. We had many meals there over the years and it has become my friend’s lunch spot since his retirement: nearly 5 days a week (Friday is his Sachsenhausen day). Nothing fancy but dependable, right by the subway station Leipziger Straße ( Weingarten exit).



May 31 2017


West Germany was one of the first western countries to recognize Mao’s China. They have little in common except, perhaps the love for strong liquors: schnapps – distilled fruit brandies, herbal liqueurs, infusions, and flavored,
and grain distilled drinks, such as Mao Tai, Wu Liang YE and erguotou.


May 31 2017

Chinese garden

Friedberger Platz 3,
60316 Frankfurt,
Hesse, Germany

This Chinesischer Garten in Bethmann Park (Bethmannpark) in a dense neighborhood was a gift from Huizhou, Anhui province to Frankfurt in 1989. It’s well designed and maintained, on 4,000 sq meters.

How ever, the following day, it got burned down (中文); this is second fire to Asia gardens in Ffm within a month – Korean garden got burned too.