Jun 29 2017

Masala Box

42-02 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Probably a 3.5 stars, fusion Indian restaurant. Airy, modern, comfortable. Compare to other establishments on Bell Blvd, with low ceiling, this one on the corner of 42nd St and Bell Blvd is pleasant and open. Good utensils, good service, clean bathroom. Street parking, free after 7pm.

The food is fine. I particularly liked the baked fish and yum (red). Fried spring rolls (chicken) are ok although the sauce is bit too sweet. Three entries, lamb, beef and fish, in a pool of thick red sauce is my least favorite.


Jun 25 2017

Bosphorus Cafe Grill

138 Shore Rd
Port Washington, NY 11050

3.5 stars. A good Mediterranean restaurant. The house Greek wine, both red and white are delicious. Comfortable, good service and food. I enjoyed the grilled branzino – undeboned -:). Gyro was good. Iskender kebab is yummy but bit of heavy.

Don’t miss the Love in the bathroom.


Jun 9 2017

Ask Italian

5 George St, City Centre
Oxford OX1 2AT, U.K.

An average Italian restaurant – a casual dining chain in U.K. – few locations in London. Maybe a 3.5 rating – for the cool wine glasses. We’ve Malbec which was inexpensive and delicious.

Pleasant decor, pretty delicious food with large portion – again, I’m wondering if they’ve been Americanized – colonized -:) ha ha ha very funny Irene. I have two small plates: pawns and stuffed mushrooms. I thought each can pass on as main course.


Jun 8 2017

Vault and Garden

University Church, 1 Radcliffe Sq,
Oxford OX1 4AH, UK

5 visits – meals and tea/coffee – at this lovely cafe during my 3-day research at Bodleian library – just enjoy it that much. Convenience plays a role too. It’s inside the Oxford Uni first congregation house dating back to 1320. Comfortable inside and outside; yummy food and drinks; cheerful staff. Delicious bread; beef stew is tender and flavorful. Salmon (Lox) is fresh. Decent utensils.

The only complain is, too large a portion – have they been Americanized? Ha ha ha.

Feeling sad to have to leave … wondering if I gaze longer at Radcliffe Camera, can I finish my books sooner?


Jun 5 2017

Grand Palace

Brussels, Brussels 1000, Belgium

It’s grand but also very crowded, to the point of overwhelming. It’s a public holiday in early June, can’t image what’s like in July and August. Tourist office is there; a little surprise that I didn’t find info booklets in Chinese. Godiva Chocolatier, founded in Belgium in 1926 has a presence. The grand palace is 600 meters away from the Cathedral.


Jun 5 2017

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Place Sainte-Gudule
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

This is a Roman Catholic church that opened in 1519, gained cathedral status in 1962. A short walk (600 meters) from Grand Palace.

Jun 5 2017

Chaochow City

Boulevard Anspach 89-91
1000 Bruxelles

There are quite few Chinese restaurants in town. This one is spacious, with multiple halls. I’ve beef and hot pepper, pretty decent. My phone battery has exhausted by dinner time,

Jun 5 2017

Café Novo

Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés 37
Oud Korenhuis 37
1000 Brussels

A neat little cafe on a rather quieter street, with out door seats, up front and in the back. I’ve the Mediterranean salad, which was really good. They open on Whit Monday – a public holiday.

Jun 4 2017

The 9th day of Ramadan

In Frankfurt. I was invited to a Syrian’s home for dinner, whom I’ve met in 1980s. Her children are all grown now, with multiple grand kids. Women ate at a different room. Mom, who runs a day care center, is celebrating her birthday joins us with her sons and their male friends. During the meal, they went out to pray. Her daughter isn’t wearing a head scarf because her job forbids. The other young woman with head scarf is a student who goes to college. Universities are free in Germany, that even includes their transportation. The baklava from Patisserie de l’Arabie (Hardenbergstraße 15, 60327 Frankfurt; Yelp) are delicious: not too oily and sweet.






Jun 4 2017

Cologne in 1950s

By Heide, retake with iPhone in Frankfurt.