Aug 4 2017

Nejaime’s Wine Cellars

60 Main St,
Lenox, MA 01240

My favorite wine & cheese store in Tanglewood. The food they offer is more suitable for picnic. The $39.99 for 4 bottle of World Wide Stout beer. Oh boy.


The Applewood smoke duck is really good. So it the Rosali cracker and salmon.

Aug 4 2017

Rhinebeck, New York 莱茵贝克

We drive by from Hyde Park on Route 9 from FDR’s home to Tanglewood. The downtown is pretty neat, quaint. It is well known for the culinary Institute too.



Aug 4 2017

FDR 小罗斯福 @ Hyde Park

4097 Albany Post Rd,
Hyde Park, NY 12538

First Friday of August, the parking lot @ Franklin Roosevelt’s home is full, on a stormy afternoon. We ‘re driving to Tanglewood on Route 9 from Poughkeepsie.

Join the FDRs for an afternoon tea, or reading?


Aug 4 2017

Walkway over the Hudson – Calling Google

Walkway Over the Hudson,
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

On our way to Tanglewood, we made a stop at Poughkeepsie, fully prepared to walk over the New Jersey. It can be seen from CIA.
First, it is NOT on the map of iPhone and Google map – the bridge is opened in 2010.
Second, 1/4 to NJ, we are told to turn back because of the impending storm. Oh well. A snake disappearing.

We missed the direction, and ended up at Hoffman by Route 9The small parking lot cost $5 for 4 hours. The north of the bridge is in construction. What would it be?


Aug 4 2017

BSO @ Tanglewood, MA

297 West St,
Lenox, MA 01240

2019 Beethoven weekend

We haven’t been to Tanglewood for a few years. The forecast says rain on both days. However, both days turn out to be great, endless sunshine. There are many upgrades. The compound is very nicely kept.

NOW I’m wondering, where is New York Philharmonic’s dig away from Lincoln Center?

Aug 4 2017

Ozawa Hall 小泽征尔厅

Ozawa served as the music director for BSO for 29 years, guess he deserves a hall named after him @ Tanglewood. It’s opened in 1994, gorgeous, inside and out. I prefer to sit outside because I feel it sounds better. Beside I can also hear the sound of trees, its leaves and wind too. I’ve never been there at night, so I can’t speak about stars.