Feb 1 2018

Marriott @ Space Center

5 Tranquility Base,
Huntsville, AL 35805

A room with a view

It’s a short walk to the Space museum and the space camp. The staff is nice but the refrigerator wasn’t cleaned. The swimming pool is small and the water is extremely hot – obviously it is not for swimming, -:)



Feb 1 2018

Huntsville 2018

This is a quick trip. I take Delta which connect at Atlanta. The distance between Atlanta and Huntsville is 200 miles, which is about 3.5 hours drive, which is about the same time to take a flight  – 30 min of flying time, plus you need time to go through security check and wait for the aircraft to take off and to land…

I stay at Marriott near the Space Center; get to see a few top of line houses on Lake Smith this time. On Friday I visited the Space Museum again, and took in the Beautiful Planet the IMAX wasn’t working the last time. Watching the wonderful movie, I couldn’t help but think, our global is small, our lives are short, why do we have to fight wars? Maybe build a few IMAX theaters, let ISIS to watch.



Feb 1 2018

Lake Smith

Near Huntsville. I visited a few homes on the lake, reportedly, top of line: ranging from $699k to $900,000 – kind of expensive: the nearest supermarket is 25 minutes away, and some area T Mobile doesn’t even service. The real estate taxes are really low, the $900k is about $3,000 a year. My gosh. An acre of land goes for about $150k in a community.