Feb 8 2018

Opera Patisserie

9254 Scranton Rd,
San Diego, CA 92121

Self-serving. Free parking. One bathroom. Indoor and outdoor seating. Delicious food.

Fresh orange juice doesn’t look fresh and I asked.

”Used to be.” One waiting girl replied.

”Oh. Shouldn’t you take the “fresh” down?” I asked.

”It’s not up to us.”

Oh well.

Feb 8 2018

San Diego Zoo

We went on a Thursday, it’s was not empty; very clean, (especially recalling my last zoo experience elsewhere) great for kids and adults. We took the Kangaroo bus (my cousin is 8 months pregnant); due to time we only visited the right side of the zoo.

Although it’s clean and well run (I suppose), but being #1 in the world is a stretch. The admission is expensive: $54 ($60 with the 4D movie, which costs $8 at door).  DC Zoo is far better choice.

There are two pandas, Bai Yun (white cloud) born in 1991 in China, and her little girl Xiao Liwu (little gift) was born in 2012 at the SD Zoo. The mom-daughter sleep most of time, as most pandas do. We got to see their dirty behinds. Actually most animals are not around to be seen during our time there.

Free parking.


Feb 8 2018

The Hake

La Jolla Cove, CA

Delicious food, good view of Pacific Ocean & La Jolla Cove, and good service. If I’ve time I’d try George too. We’ve the ceviche and all the small plates except the mussels – all are good. They don’t have outdoor/balcony seating.

Parking is a problem, valet $11.


Feb 8 2018

Nixon Presidential library

Youba Linda, CA

President Nixon goes to China. He was the first sitting president to visit China. US Grant visited after his presientcy and Herbert Hoover before his.

The library is elegant. In the China Room there are many photos and videos showing his visit, in one he said, without USSR he would have visited China. His 1973 trip had changed many Chinese, to the better, mines included. Thank you president Nixon.



Feb 8 2018

Texas de Brazil

13772 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602

Buffet, $30 lunch $50 dinner, desserts are additional. It’s pretty full for a Wednesday night.

Good service (our server talks very fast, like speeding on the autobahn. What’s the rush? Ha ha ha.) Food are ok: the salad bar and soups are ok. The meats are mostly tasteless – maybe they want to showcase the taste of the meat? The lamb chop, filet mignon are tender but could use some salt.

Decor is bit loud; what the wood is doing there? High end it’s not. I’d a glass of Conundrum red, which is so so.