Mar 31 2018

Xin Da Lu

At Hyatt on the Bund
199 Huangpu Lu

Will return. A wonderful restaurant for Beijing duck and local Shanghai cuisine.


Mar 31 2018

A night out

Mar 30 2018

Hyatt on the Bund

199 Huangpu Lu

Mar 30 2018

Oriental Land

A lovely park for a good start.


Mar 28 2018

ChunHeLou 春和楼

146 ZhongShan Road 中山路146号甲
ShiNan District, Qingdao Bay Area

This over 100 years old restaurant near St. Michaael, since 1891, is undergoing a make over. What they’ve now is terrrible. Horrible restroom. Dingy environment. Food are ok.

The mini clams are tender, sweet, just simply delicious. And they are perfect companion to Qingdao beer.


Mar 28 2018

1901 Gothic Tower & The book store

5 Anhui Road

The plaque reads, “The 1901 Gothic Tower is a twin-towers of wood and steel structure built before World War One. They skyline view of Qingdao from the tower is a breathtaking adventure. It is one of the historical sites welcome visitors to Qingdao.”


The book store Liangyou 良友 is on the 4th floor of the building 塔楼 (south gate at 5 Anhui Road, in the same building as the Museum) that sells light food and clothes, aside from books.

Mar 28 2018

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

On Pier 8
Central, Hong Kong

A neat museum on the Pier 8, next to the  Star Ferry, it’s relaxing and convenient to visit, with many history.

I arranged 8 hour layover in HK to visit. Taking the airport express to Central is a breeze, quick and guaranteed of time, I highly recommend.


The museum takes credit card for purchase over hk$100. The admission for an adult is $30. I thought I don’t have HK currency. They suggest that I go to a 7 Eleven near by. I don’t really have a lot of time. So I offer them US dollar. They refused.
How about renmingbi?
Yes but we treat it as have equal value.
I have vague idea that Hong Kong dollar now has less value. They way she replies just confirms it. I agreed and took out all my banks and let her chose. Two red color 100 denominator notes and few 10 and 20. She took 1 twenty and 1 ten.
That night I take a taxi in Shanghai. The fare is 207 rmb. I gave him the two red color and 1 ten.
“Oh this is Hong Kong dollar.” He immediately spots it.
Emmm… I don’t feel good about the museum. The vendors are all sharp either in Hong Kong and China who spot the rmb/HK$ promptly. (Why do I always mix them together isn’t my lack of trying, also trusting the clerks.

Mar 28 2018

St. Michael’s Cathedral 圣弥爱尔大教堂

5 Zhejiang Road 浙江路15号

The German architecture in Qingdao is extensive.

St. Michael’s Cathedral is at the center – used to be – of the city. The church plaza is a favoriate place for wedding photography – I saw at least four couples where fighting for a spot, at such late time – 6:15 pm.


………2018.3.28 and 1985.7.29

My first visit to Qingdao was in 1985. Many memories and stories. The street at the hill end, 中山路 Zhongshan Lu/Road was bustling with activiies and crowds but now, is dying. Walked over to Chun He Lou for dinner.





Mar 28 2018

Hyatt Qingdao

88 E Donghai Road
东海东路88号, 近金狮广场

Check in and out need half an hour, it is the most terrible thing. And once you checked out, there isn’t WiFi in the lobby – very incomvient. The staff is friendly tho.

Over all, it’s a decent hotel: on the swimmable beach, next to Olympic sailing center, and I particularly like the fact they have a steam room and a pool (bathing cap is required). They open 6-10pm, the gym opens 24 hours a day.


The ocean view room on 10th floor


Buffet breakfast in the lower level has wide selections, ¥170. The  executive lounge is on the 21 floor has ocean view with limited food selections.


On the first night they send five mangos.



Mar 28 2018

The German architecture 

Qingdao was under German occupation since 1898.

The way they came into possession was disgraceful.

But Qingdao’s development impressed Zhou Fu so much that he lobbied to open Jinan to foreign trade.

The left building is Hotel George 1906. The left is the German Empire Court in Jiaozhou 胶州帝国法院, built in 1912-4. This is part of German archietecture group in Qingdao 青岛德国建筑群, now the Southern District Court 青岛南区人民检察院.


Jiaozhou Governor’s Hall 青岛德国总督府旧址/胶澳总督府 @ 南区沂水路11号 built in 1905 (Friedrich Mahlke was the architect). An old photo of the building.


Luther’s Apartment 路德公寓 @ 4 Dexian Road (德县路4号), some history; and Laoshe Park.