Apr 10 2018

Gongyuan Museum



The combo ticket for both is 50; separately, left hand site is 25 and the museum is 40.

After reading Elman’s book (more of gleaming) the museum isn’t that much. But visualization adds charm to a dry subject.
There is a tea house on the ground at the museum. The lady told me they’re not really for profit but to promote the tea; and is most helpful when their director has foreign dignitaries.


Apr 10 2018


夫子庙景区 平江府店
48 Dashiba Road 大石坝街48号

Will return: old fashioned decor and delicious food. Service is good and efficient. An excellent place to have a quick bite and move on, in a convenient location.


Apr 10 2018

45-47 Changfu St

45 Changfu Street 常府街45号
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Getting off the green line at namesake station from the Presidential Palace 总统府. 45 Changfu Street is a residential apartment, the street level is a small supermarket. Thanks to the builder who left a plaque by the entrance.

Apr 10 2018

A day in Nanjing 一日游

What a day!

A glorious sunny Tuesday. An hour ride from Shanghai is super cool. But the nightmare begins the moment I showed my passport at the train station window, getting my tickets: wrong name – my cousin purchased it under my Chinese name.

Ending the day by going to the wrong train station. The rule of thumb is, sleeping trains are from the old staton. Oh well. The cab driver demanded ¥120 from the old station to the new one. Night cruise of Nanjing. Luckily, I was able to catch the overnight sleeping train.

忙忙碌碌的一天, 从买错票(名字错了)开始. 上海-南京的火车G360 是直达, 1:08 分钟 (还有最短的一小时整). 存了行李杀进村. 江南贡院和博物馆超好. 以为可以找到五世祖刘进士 结果找到五世祖周. 明远书房的茶牛.
总统府需要身份证才可以买票. (又不是去竞选 要什么🆔呀?!) 幸好俺带了… 小皇表哥的爸爸生在煦园所以名煦良.
长长的一天结束在去错站 (由于改票 火车从不同的站出发…) 俺就要顶不顺了 😜 几天不出错俺就不舒服是的.
[愉快]亮点: 带了3个熊孩子进总统府 (据说18岁下免费). 然后碰到一对好心人 帮我找到俺都要放弃的资料 – 谢谢亲们 感恩. 哦还有好吃的午晚饭.
奔波于2⃣个火车站之间 算是夜游南京吧
在等去北京的火车… 希望不要再出错了 [大哭]

Apr 10 2018

Yishuan Tea House 义顺茶馆

168 Gongyuan Street 贡院街168号

This two story tea house restaurant is in the Confucius Temple Scenic Area (Pedestrian St.). It’s easy, quick bite and keep on moving. Food and service are ok but I have  wonderful companions – the young couple I met at the Palace 总统府. I think the Da Paidang 南京大排档 is better.