Nov 6 2018

Sunshine and rainy days

Sun goddess makes the difference. Left from last week (Nov 4) and right is now




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阳光媚媚 对 云雨嬷嬷
好多年前一个小外甥女特别喜欢来玩 因为我们在’丛林里’ [偷笑] 夏天尤甚 雨后简直了

Nov 6 2018

The fire house

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Nov 6 2018

The Pianist

Down the memory lane …this is where a potential piano teacher lived, 20 some years ago.

Seeing her dad played piano day and night, my little princess said,
“I want to play”
“I want to play”
“I want to play”

So I got a reference and took them to meet this teacher. I liked her a lot, especially her living room where 3 pianos were parked. But unfortunately, my kids didn’t sync with her.

Next teacher was from China who said between his dozes, “do you have a parking space?” repeatedly and went on to say, “I’ll teach them bec they’re so talented.”

I’m a mouse-mom and failed to heed to his advise and went with another teacher.

As an afternote, the Chinese teacher died a few years later after a lesson: he slipped on ice. RIP…

To be continued -:)

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..Go vote 🗳 去投票的路上
20多年前俺家的小妞看老爸弹🎹 就吵着闹着也要学… 第一个老师就是住这里. 好喜欢她的客厅 … 3架钢琴 … 可惜孩子们不喜欢她.
后来朋友介绍一个中国老师 一边打瞌睡一边说“你家有停车位吗? … 我收你的孩子因为很有天赋.” [呲牙][呲牙][呲牙]
俺充其量也就是一个鼠妈 也没有什么眼光所以找了另外一个老师 … 下回分解
(那个中国老师几年后在下课意外滑倒过世纪 RIP … 他的成年孩子失去了饭票 …)