Mar 19 2019

What’s your thought on this?

This is an old photo I took nearly three years ago. It was a residential building. The Close button is visibly used than the Open.

Any thought on this?

Mar 14 2019

59 Degrees

A beautiful day, temperature reached 59° at the beach @ Sea Cliff

Mar 7 2019


Clean snow @ Sea Cliff‘s Yacht.

Mar 6 2019

Clean snow


If there is a such thing.

This stretch of snow began in Friday and lingered over the weekend on to Monday.

That was two days ago. All is pretty and white.

Mar 5 2019

NYSE 纽约证券交易所

11 Wall Street
New York, NY

New York Stock Exchange used to be my faved place to go and to show my out of town family members and friends. But since 9/11 it closed to the public. I’d been there a few time since but were not on the trading floor. Tonight, it IS a treat.

Happy the year of the Pig.  Wishing all a very happy new year and invest wisely.

It’s a spectacular day, amid the white snow – since when the clean becomes so clean?

The neighborhood of downtown is changing. The street parking fm 6:26 to 9:26 is $13.50 – free after 10pm.