Apr 13 2019

Street Fair on Broadway

Cherry blossom, Mohandas K. Gandhi in the Union Square market


Grace Church


and the street fair on Broadway … walked some 7.8 miles


Apr 13 2019

Netflix’s documentary: Our Planet

The promotion of their new docu series at Dolby SoHo @ 477 Broadway is nice. The setup at block deep showroom (Mercer St on the other end) is nice, with a small theater and bar.

The series, is it better made than the National Geographic? emmmm not sure. Netflix’s is made by a British firm.

Apr 13 2019

Flower arrangements

My intro class to the world of flower arrangement. Passing through a street fair on the way down, walking a good 7.8 miles


Apr 13 2019

Ciji 慈济

My first time in their Chinatown office. Tzu Chi 慈濟 is doing well in the US.