May 29 2019

Anne Frank Garden

14P Impasse Berthaud,
75003 Paris, France

It’s next to Le Hangar.


May 29 2019

Le Hangar

12 Impasse Berthaud,
75003 Paris, France

It’s next to Anne Frank Garden. Relaxed atmosphere. Good food, and service. Not inexpensive. They close in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner.


May 29 2019

Abercrombie & Fitch

From New York, since 1892; on Champs-Élysées in Paris


May 29 2019

Apple is Paris

Or shall I say, an American in Paris? It used to be the American embassies that I like to look for. It was easy because they always hosed in the grandest building in the trendy area. I even lined up a few, to apply for US visa. (Of course got rejected …)

Now, it’s Apple stores that I look for, for the same reason. Their stores in the Big Apple NYC.

@ Champs-Élysées is opposite from LV, with nice stairs.


@ Palais Garnier

May 29 2019

Cafe de l’Eglise

2 place Franz Liszt
Strasbourg-St Denis/Bonne Nouvelle

An average café in the Café Capital of the world. It’s nice, looks out to St. Vincent de Paul.

There is a harem which I find cute. For this, I’ll return.


May 29 2019


Many expected and unexpected businesses on this boulevardApple, AF, etc.

French Open banners doctorates the bouleavard

Five Guys has a long line

Renault is next to Five Guys