Sep 5 2019

The U.S.-China Trade Dispute: Where Things Stand

The prolonged trade war between US and China brought Wendy Cutler, the former US trade rep at USTR to Asia Society. Tom Nagorski  moderates the one hour talk.

Afterward, we visit the gift shop. The way they designed their door is pretty cute. Each of us has brought a huge pendant, and have lunch at Boathouse in Central Park.

Sep 5 2019

Central Park Boathouse

East 72nd Street and Park Drive North
New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-2233

On Yelp or elsewhere, it lists as
The Loeb Boathouse (E 72nd St 5th Ave, NY 10128)

We got there a few minutes before their noon opening, were told all lakeside tables were reserved. We settled on their patio – no table cloth, and the menu is limited.

The atmosphere was good so was the view. The New Zealand’s Brancott Sauvignon Blanc was a little flat but ok. The kale salad tasteless and the burger was hard and dry – the fries were the best item. Funny my friend mentioned that her Shake Shack’s stock (SHAK $103) has doubled since purchased six months ago. Good for her but it did little to relieve my misery -:). I rarely eat a burger but make decent patty for those who love a burger: add onion, etc., to make it soft and juicy. Anyway, I was throughly disappointed, if not horrified.

The walk in the park was great.

Additionally, be aware that they impose 15% gratuity (tip) to your bill. It’s been in use for a long time but I don’t read, so missed it altogether. And yes, my math is great, as my Chinese friend teased: was taught by P.E. teacher – a common joke in China. Verliii sorry physical education teachers…


Sep 5 2019

Soap bubbles

Passing by this playful bubbles after lunch at the Central Park.