Sep 10 2019

New England: Acadia Park

A ten day trip (Sept 10-19) up north, aiming at Maine’s Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. We stayed at Bar Harbor but visited the lesser popular destinations, the Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor as well.

We made stops at Portsmouth (ummm… a little unattractive),  Portland (attractive) and Augusta (ummm … a cheater?) on the way up and Kennebunkport ME & Rockport MA (loving it) and Gloucester (nay) on the way down.

Two nice rest stops (without any vendors) are quant and quiet – super nice. Portsmouth isn’t as attractive

  1. Tue Portsmouth: riverfront & downtown; Union & sunset @ Portland
  2. Portland: Co-Op Food; narrow gauge train; Head Lighthouse
  3. Wed: Augusta; the Chart Room @ Bar Harbor; Ivy Manor
  4. Thur: Cadillac Mountain; picnic; climbers; Jordan Pond dinner
  5. 9.13 Fri: sun rise & set; Great Head @ Sand Beach & swim; a drinkBar Harbor Inn; moon walk @ Shore Path
  6. Sat @ NE HarborAsticou & garden; Lower Hadley Pond; Jordan Pond hike and dinner
  7. 15 Sun @ SW Harbor: Seawall picnic lunch; lighthouse; hiking at Ship Harbor Trial; swimming at Echo Lake; Beal’s
  8. Mon: the bar harbor & Todd; Jeannie’skayak & Social
  9. Tue, Kennebunkport; sunset; the Lehman Trilogy Shalin Liu @ Rockport
  10. Wed, Blue Lobster Grille, etc. & Gloucester.

Some trails, points and beaches

Some restaurants:

Sep 10 2019

Two rest stops

Two nice rest stops (without any vendors) are quant and quiet – super nice.

Middletown in Connecticut

A small dog

Seabrook in NH..

Sep 10 2019

Black Elephant Hostel

33 Hampshire St,
Portland, ME 04101

Arty, clean and comfy!

All is good and we’re not the only oldies who chooses to stay there. When I spotted their lobby photos online, just have to give it a try. People who stay there are gentle and well mannered. When the girl at the front desk citing a few rules, I said, I feel like I’m 20 years old, meaning I like their hotel and reliving my younger days. She took it the wrong way by saying “Oh, I’ve to …” I’m incoherent in expressing myself anyway -:).

I stayed in the lobby by the window and did a little writing with a glass of white. Their kitchen (utensils & tableware etc.) is equally enchanting. To use their lovely table I got our breakfast from the Co-Op Food next door. 


Sep 10 2019

Portland, ME

Love this city: people are friendly, outdoory but urbane. According to Wiki, the city of Portland has a 67,067 population but the greater Portland area (incl. New Hampshire and Vermont) has 500k (1/3 of total pop of Maine!) to support the city.

We stayed at Black Elephant Hostel – because of their lovely lobby; dined at Union and visited their downtown, wharfs, Fort Allen Park @ Eastern Promenade and Head Light – a 1790 lighthouse that was commissioned by President George Washington.

Our second day there is 9/11 … Long Live the Good and Decent!!

Sep 10 2019

Portsmouth, NH

Ok, I’ve not been to a city that I feel it was unattractive because for some reason you could always find something to like or even love … but for some reason, I couldn’t find that at this city of 21,233 population. Even the waterfront is not pretty. Of course the cloudy sure took some beauty away.  Uuhh …. The red brick buildings of downtown is nice, so is the Book and Bar … but they couldn’t salvage my feeling. Sorry P…

Book and Bar

The waterfront 


and their downtown

Sep 10 2019


390 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101

Will return.

This restaurant is at the Press Hotel – if you like old typewriters which it has many in their lobby, then do make a bathroom trip.

The decoration of the restaurant is simple and woody. The serving staff are efficient and professional. They serve their oysters with cocktail pearls – nice touch. The scallops entree is heavenly good: succulent, lively and tasty, it’s bit salty but you still can taste the sweetness. The Bangs Island mussels (house green curry, lemongrass, lime leaf, chili – oh my … ) is served with a warm baguette – oui – is excellent too. Both entrees are on the salty side, which fit my palate, -:)

When we ask for bill, are told is paid for it. The restaurant is relatively empty because we got there a little after 5. When we press the staff, does he reveal is the next table, with two ladies. After a little debate, I walk over and thanked them. The younger one is a little surprised but the older lady said, “you’re welcome. I never forget a beautiful face… have we met somewhere?”

She does look like a relative I had, grandaunt Lucy. Although Lucy was Chinese but their similarity lie in the way they present themselves: starting from nicely coiffed hair down to matching earrings, not to mention the makeup.

On the second thought, she does look like my editor and a good friend Lynda. But I don’t think we’ve met and I told her so. Maybe we’ve met but I’m senile …

In any case, thank you lady, you made my day. Hope we’ll meet one day, somewhere.