Sep 14 2019

Jordan Pond Path

At the Acadia Mountain


Sep 14 2019

Asticou Azalea Garden

ME-3, Mt Desert, ME 04660

This manicured garden is cross street from Asticou Inn. The garden is lovely and very enjoyable. Azalea is bit misleading -:) because it has many things to offer. I like their little hidden corners and mini stone temple/statues … It is a place waiting for you to discover it.


Sep 14 2019

Asticou Inn @ NE Harbor

Northeast Harbor is on the Mount Desert Island in Maine. It has a few famous residents, such as the Rockefellers and Brook Astor. It also known as “Philadelphia on the rocks” for many people from Phillys.

Asticou Inn
15 Peabody Dr,
Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

Won’t return – the Azalea garden is better!

It is at the west side of the Mount Desert Island, which is far less popular than their east side Bar Harbor. Their Main Street is short, sweet and one way only.

The restaurant is at the namesake inn, which opens May to October only. Unfortunately it’s a little windy and cold, they closed the deck. Our table is by the window. The view of NE Harbor is nice. Good service. Good food – crab cake is good. Overall, food is on the expensive side. A cup soup costs $11 – the same price at Bar Harbor Inn, which is a notch above, buys you a bowl. The Aveleda white is pretty good tho. A persistent fly just won’t leave us alone. Bathroom is a floor below, it has no soap. Fake purple flower …

Cross the street is their garden which is really worth your time.


After lunch, we hiked on Lower Hadlock Pond, and I won’t recommend it.

Sep 14 2019

Lower Hadlock Pond

This trail on the NE Harbor ( Mount Desert Island in Maine) is my least favorite: very plain, small and easily missed. We went only because of lunch at Asticou.


Sep 14 2019

Jordan Pond House dinner

Dirty utensil. Yucky napkin. Great view even it’s cloudy. Decent food and service.


Sep 14 2019

The Acadia National Park

The park in Mount Desert Island of Maine can be summed up by a few words:

Majestic ~ Pristine ~ Spectacular

There are more adjective to describe this beautiful and well maintained park but I’ll leave some for the readers and little imagination for the people who have not visited it.

The hikes

If hiking is on your agenda, do buy their map ($5.24) which has all the trails the free map doesn’t. Our favorite hikes

  • The Great Head from the Sand Beach
  • The Otter Cliff ends at Otter Point
  • Ship Harbor Trail
  • Jordan Pond

The picnic spots 

  •  Cliff
  • Jordan Pond
  • Seawall

The sunrise and sunset

On Thursday, Sept 12, the sun came out in the late afternoon and we drove to the Cadillac Mountain to see the sunset. But it isn’t the best place because the parking lot will be in your view. We rushed down to the open field just below the mountain top and the view is great.

The following day, 9.13 Friday forecasted to be a gorgeous day. So we got up at crack of dawn. No, actually long before the sun rises and drove up to the Cadillac Mountain top. As we entered the park, soon two cars came behind us. And at the turn, we found three cars ahead of us. I was thinking, cool I didn’t have to feel lonely any more. Then quickly I saw people with blankets over them were walking toward the peak, my thought was, oh … hope we could find a Parking spot. When we got to the top, 40 minutes to the sun rise, the parking lot was full. We have to park at a smaller lot and walked back up. Later that morning we ran into a couple on the hiking trail: they got there at 2 am and parked behind the bathroom, reportedly, the view is unbeatable. Well, I’ll try it next time.

When we got up to tue Cadillac Mountain, we saw the cruise leaving and Margret Todd went for another sail.

Water sports 

Sand Beach is great for swimming but there is another small beach when you drive from the Otter Point

Sep 14 2019

Mount Desert Island, Maine

This is our first trip to Maine – loving it!

MDI is the largest island in Maine. Its size is smaller than Long Island NY and larger than Martha’s Vineyard. It’s on the east coast of U.S. The population is 10,615 (2010 census) but hosted 3.5 million visitors in 2017 – aiming at Acadia National Park.

Bar Harbor on the east is the largest and most popular area. It’s a quint small town of 5,235 people (2010 census), with many nice hotels, ice cream shops and public bathrooms, aside from the usual trinket shops. Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor are less visited – they only have medical center. Bar Harbor has a hospital (@ corner of Main and Wayman Lane, which is at one end of the Shore Path). Between two smaller harbors, I prefer SW over NE.

Acadia Park dominates the MDI. The park and lobster are the twin engine that drives their economy.

Some restaurants we dined: