Sep 15 2019

Southwest Harbor, Maine

This small harbor is on Mount Desert Island, with a population of 1,764 (2010 census). I like this one over the NE Harbor. The Seawall picnic is awesome. The hiking at Ship Harbor Trial is good. I got to  swim at Echo Lake. And Beal’s dinner is great too. Over all, I enjoyed it very much.

Main Street

A housing complex or community is on sale – Oceans End


Sep 15 2019

Beal’s pier

Beal’s Lobster Pier and its neighbors.


Sep 15 2019

Ship Harbor Trial

At the SW Harbor.

Sep 15 2019

My own pool

heaven @ SW Harbor‘s Echo Lake.

Sep 15 2019

A small light house

In Maine.

“You draw well” I complimented the girl.
“I’m from Russia.” She replied. Oh well.
As to Russian girls, I did see a lot on MDI.


Sep 15 2019



A nice picnic spot at NE Harbor. My nice little sofa by the hard working waves.