Oct 1 2019

Chinese Historical Research Institute 中国历史研究院

北京市朝阳区北辰东路15号奥林匹克公园内. Passed by it on the way to tennis.


Oct 1 2019

ZGC #28

Seeing my old apartment building #28 and the Zoology Institute again.

The three story building looks like need some TLC. But most of the buildings there are in the same league.

It holds memories of our youth … Every time we pass by, we’ll recall the by gone era.

I shopped at the mall 中关村购物中心 at 海淀区中关村大街19号. The 5G

Oct 1 2019

Beijing, October 1, 2019

Beijing in 2019.

The 70th anniversary of founding of our nation is a huge production. It reaches every realm of lives in Beijing.

The subways and roads are constantly closed, rather randomly I think: at about 8:00 pm I got off from #14 at Yongdingmen station, which means Eternal Peace Gate Station.

There are security personnel everywhere … I had to change many times to get to my destinations, from subway (Metro) to bus then back to subway.

People are watching the celebrations in the movie theaters …

Some the jokes or facts that has been making the rounds:

  1. 念好吧!昨晚老石约饭局,其中一朋友家住长安街(父辈为高干)五居室,其中一室的窗户临长安街,最后彩排前,不仅他家人不能住那屋,还安排一警察住进那临街的屋,他家人说,不愿生人用卫生间,没用!一直得住到节后!全家人崩溃!太无法想象!家里平空住进一警察!这都是什么事啊!
  2. 这是我一个老同学昨天在群里说的~~今天早上有一个交往多年的妹妹来找我聊天,其中就聊到70年大庆上,她家住在南池子。昨晚她爱人出门遛弯,随身带上身份证已经一个多月了,等回来时有一路口把他截住检查完身份证后又让他记住一个口令”交道口”,才能通过。等他走到家门口的那条胡同,又检查了一遍身份证然后问口号,他说”交道口”才让他回家。她说完给我逗的,这不跟搞地下工作的接头暗号呢。这也不知谁想出来了高招,而且会更换。70年大庆这动靜,我的亲娘哎,这阵子哪也别去了,指不定就回不了家了。

Throughout the week, the security is tight.