Jan 24 2020

Hunt & Fish Club NYC

125 W 44th St,
New York, NY 10036

We went during the Restaurant Week. The two course lunch is $26. They messed up my reservation: first they sent me an email to say that my res is cancelled. When I got there at 12, the girl insisted that my reservation is 12:30. Not a problem since it was empty. But it’s kind of turn off. The fabric curtain by the entrance – suppose to keep the lounge from the cold – is funny, as if in a small street eatery. Over all, the food and service – other than too big of a portion – are ok. The decor is bit old, and stuffy, an out of date feel.


Jan 24 2020

Jazz at Rock

1 Rockefeller Center
New York

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I found this jazz band from AirBnB ($35), playing in a club on top of Rock. The view is great. The setting is simple (the top floor is more intimate). The mini bar serves simple drinks and snakes. The music is fine. Over all, it’s relaxing, a good way to wind down a week and get ready for the weekend.