Jan 27 2020

A book talk @ Asia Society

725 Park Ave
New York

What’s her name in Chinese characters? 

With a high hope, I went to Yan Lan’s talk @ Asia Society which is moderated by Bianna Golodryga of CNN, about Yan’s book, The House of Yan. It recounts her life from labor camps to top of echelon of western business.

One odd thing: she didn’t answer almost none of the questions, from the moderator to audience, and talked on and on, on her own.

She did her PhD in Switzerland and worked as a lawyer in France for 20 years before joining Lazard in 2011, and now as its CEO of Greater China. Very impressive resume. More info here.

Golodryga looks a lot like Maria Bathroom, the money honey. Golodryga said her husband works at Lazard and she scooped the interview with Huawei through Yan. A big happy family.