Feb 20 2020

Beethoven’s 2nd and 3rd

Carnegie Hall, New York

This year marks Beethoven’s 250th birth and celebration is obvious – Mutter in January. Carnegie Hall put up his nine symphonies, by Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique. It’s founded by the conductor John Eliot Gardiner in 1989. The quality is so so: sour notes by the French horns (and again two days later…). However, the full house gave them a warm applause at the end. The violists stood to play the Third.


今年是贝爷爷的250岁诞辰纪念. 英国的革命浪漫乐团在卡内基 演出贝爷的全套交响乐指挥 加德纳爵士 大腹便便的走出来 + 法国小号走音 (糟糕 又说人家坏话了…) 还是说🎵吧
空气 水 贝爷的音乐 人的基本生存环境
老贝的第三 “英雄” 是阳光 ☀️

要不Red Star Over China 咱们毛主席…
提起 “革命” 很多人最先想到的是法国革命 (拿破仑上位) 然后是美国革命 (华盛顿登基) 血淋淋的. 要不然就是英国的工业革命 风调雨顺的就搞定了
咱们的 不能说不能写的 加之太多 数不过来 就不说了

☀️周末快乐 😊

Feb 20 2020


944 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

Two oldies in a young bar

A nice wine bar near Carnegie Hall. Since our concert was at 8 so when we walked in, it’s after work crowds and very noisy.

Service is quick and to the point. The few items we ordered are really good. I tried their house wine: Red Diamond Cab Sauv and Proverb Sauvignon Blanc (?) both are pretty decent and will have it again.