Jun 29 2020


A walk around the neighborhood; tiger lily and more …

Jun 27 2020


… and tiger lilies

Jun 25 2020

The Swan Lake 天鹅湖

Blydenburgh county park in Suffolk, next to Caleb Smith state park, offers hiking, picnicking, camping, freshwater fishing, rowboat rentals, bridle paths, playground, dog run, and historic trust area, per the park. The Reportedly, it’s Long Island’s second largest lake. The L shaped the lake, which we did hiking and yoga, has many beautiful swans. It’s an easy hike. The path has various surfaces, sand, birch, plank and dirt with tree roots – be careful. The bathroom by the picnic area is open during the covid-19 pandemic, with hot water.

Sailing off …

We started off at the boat rental at 10:48 am and returned at 3:03 pm. However, my iPhone recorded a little over 5 miles while my husband has over 8 miles.

The lake is home to many swans, but we also saw a deer, butterflies and more. Equestrians walk alongside of joggers and dog walkers.


… a few trees

… did a drinker forget his/her cork here? … and stones

Jun 7 2020

Some shops

The stores, Shop Delight & Best Bagels, I went during the height of the covid-19 pandemic.

Jun 7 2020

A protest

George Floyd’s death, caused a turbulent time, on top of a pandemic. A protest was held in the park.


Jun 6 2020

A June day in 2020