Dragon Well tea village 梅家坞

After West Lake and the park, we visited tea village of 梅家坞 Meijia Wu Youtube video


According to wiki, there are four tiers of tea:





According to this lady tour guide, she claimed that Meijia Wu has the best terrain among five villages.

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We did tea tasting. The teas they were trying to sell, was so so because the leaves were ugly, and broken up. The good dragon well tea’s leaves are whole and large. I didn’t buy but my cousin did. The tour guide kept encouraging us to charge the purchase to our USA credit cards and promised that they would pay for the transaction fee. I made other purchases on the tour and when I looked at my cc statement, did I realize they charged as a US$ denomination merchant.

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Out side of our hotel room, we found a marriage certificate. I handed it to the front desk and hope they’ll find its owner. (in storage)

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