China tour

Since the last time, the 99cent tour becomes a main stay. At least three companies I looked that sell them.
Nexus, 金花 and 故乡

For this Beijing/Tianjin/Chengde:
$99 tour cost
$80 tips for 8 days
$80 Specified spending

This last ‘Specified spending’ 指定自费项目 includes 金面皇朝 (don’t know what it is),景山公园 (Jingshan Park), 车游长安街夜景 (driving through ChangAn Blvd in the night),世贸天阶 (The Place). However, reading the program, none of them are listed on the dailies. I’m just wondering, did the programmer overlooked or they just charge whatever? Wish they list the shops we would be stopping by.


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