Family Zhangs

The domestic flight (MU5146 ¥433 one way and ¥600+ for me round trip) from Beijing to Shanghai was ok. We took the bus from Fangzhuang to the airport, ¥24 per person. I worried about over weight or no check in allowance at all but the woman at the counter said nothing about the large check-in. Two men, a young and a middle aged fighting for bathroom on the plane: when the door opened, they both moved over. The younger one stared at the old one then went in. My gut feeling, the young man was there first. In China, seeing armpits unshaved is plentiful. In the taxi to the Holiday Inn Express near Fudan. (100 rmb), the cab driver has a call in program on his radio, talking about family stuff, mostly about inheritance of house. There were one white boy and two Chinese girls at the hotel lobby. I ran into a mom of one of the girls in the program. Michelle who’s also been in the country prior, talked about her experience none stop. Grandaunt/uncle and her second son and wife invited us for dinner at Tang Palace 香港唐宫

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