ICBC finer point of service

ICBC 6/16 Monday

Xiaoyi asked me what is my next two days’ plan, Yifu replied: “they’ve no plan”. We had home made yogurt for breakfast and dumplings from last Thursday for lunch. Then headed out to the bank – I lost my icbc bank card in Dalian. Xiaoyi initially was going with us, but decided not to.

I got a call ticket Y0228 at 2:22pm from the staff who manned the front desk who also gave me a form to fill. We were finally called at 3:01. (It’s their pension day?)

When you lose a bank card in China, without an ID card (身份证):
You need to get a replacement at the city (province?) where you opened your acct
7 days freezing period
Can only be picked up at the branch where you file the lose
¥10 processing fee
Long waiting time at the branch

The lost card won’t be replaced until next Tuesday bec it needed 7 days freezing time.
“But I reported the lose last Saturday.” I said.
“It counts only when you formally file.” The teller replied. She also asked if I live near by because the replacement card can only be picked up at the branch where you file the lose.

I lost it in Dalian, in the machine at a hotel. In China the machine takes the card and return when you’re done with your business. (In USA or at Chase, it requires only a dip.) The Dalian ICBC told me that they don’t have any connection with Beijing. For the replacement, if I’ve an ID card which is linked with the police it won’t take 7 days, the teller told me.

I tried at two branches in Beijing for an additional card, or 副卡. Both time they opened a new account. The first time I didn’t realize and went to shopping with it. And got declined. I thought I had wrong pin. Tried at an ICBC cash machine it worked. Only there did I realize it’s a separate new account, unfunded. I wondered what does 副卡 means to the Chinese banks. And what if the spouse needs a card from the same account??!!

Does Chinese uses the high tech only to screw around the world, like hacking into pentagon (if the NYT and WSJ are correct in their reportage. I’m sure Americans are doing the same thing, hacking or espionage but the civilians are benefit from the high tech: I can report a lose anywhere in the world and be issued a new card at the nearest branch immediately, free of charge. I sometimes doubt the Americans’ claim on Chinese hackers.

The finer point of service!

Hotel charges for the room card if you lose it. They issue only one even if you’ve two occupants. At restaurants, they’ve girls line up at the door to greet patrons but they don’t change your plates. The over all attitude in service, especially at the banks has improved.

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