Exam 高考

While having breakfast at Home Inn Datong the second morning, a group of youth came, five girls and one boy. They ate like being starved for a week.

In the elevator at ibis in Hohhot a woman dressed fashionably came in.
“A nice shawl.” I complimented her.
“Are you here for the college entrance exam?” She looked at us and asked anxiously, didn’t seem to care at all about her shawl.
“Hotel?” I was surprised. Staying at a hotel for the exam? It’s extravagant to me. But again, my days were 35 years ago. I recalled the signs posted in the streets that forbid cars horning. Laughable? Maybe. I would learn later that hotel staying is due to 择校 school selecting that allow kids to attend a school that’s very far from home (they may board at school). The family choose a hotel that’s near the exam center to avoid unpredictability like traffic jam. It also shows the extra mile the family is willing to go. Many people feel the parents would blame everything for their child’s failure. Forbidding the horning is mild compare to detour, or some parents from a human wall to block the traffic in front of the exam center. Righteous to them irritating to motorists.
After our brief exchange I thought, did she think that my daughter’s grandparents came with us too?


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