The Great Wall 万里长城

It’s a thousands mile long fortification built since the 7th century BCE (wiki). Near Beijing is the major tourist attraction @ Bada Ling.

It’s ¥50 for this woman who got into our car to guide us to the parking lot. There are many women and a few good men who solicit business, either to eat at their home or to take you to parking.

DSCN5180 DSCN5184 DSCN5191 DSCN5185

It’s  ¥120 admission to the Great Wall, ¥100 one way tram.

DSCN5187 DSCN5190

They did a lot of renovation and expansion of the area, including a hotel,  leading up to the entrance of the Badaling Great Wall.

DSCN5213 DSCN5207 DSCN5204 DSCN5206

The security at the gate (entrance)

DSCN5226 DSCN5227

On the Great Wall


IMG_6074 IMG_6080 IMG_6083 IMG_6082

The modern and brand new bathroom without tissue

DSCN5341 DSCN5343 DSCN5342 DSCN5340

Some signs .. Do they mean striding or straddling?

DSCN5246 DSCN5324


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