Beijing jade carving factory 北京市玉器厂

崇文区 光明路 13 号
13 Guangming Lu, Chongwen District, Beijing 100061
010 67149134

It’s reportedly a government’s store so no counterfeit. Upon entering, there are many portraits on the wall: the VIPs of the store. The display and sales room is extremely dark. There are no customers in the main room. Two men, one was reading newspaper and one was with one customer in the inner room. When we asked the reader for help, he unwillingly put down his paper.
They don’t offer certificate for their jade products.
The following day I called asking if I could return the purchase, the woman who answered replied, she needed to ask her boss then said no.
“工艺品 crafts can’t be returned.”
When I complained the darkness, she said I could take the jewelry outside to inspect.
Was she kidding?
How could I do that without paying first?
The operation indeed looked like a government own store. But I would no bet there isn’t knockoff.

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