Xin Ji Shi 新吉士

This restaurant is one of two recommended by Cai Lan 蔡瀾. It has a few branches in Shanghai, and in other cities as well according to its web site.

Shanghai cuisine doesn’t appeals to me due to its sweetness, but once in a while I would go. This one serves authentic local flavor – ben bang 本帮菜 and didn’t disappoint. The décor is old fashioned and the space is small, that includes the squat toilet (with bathroom tissue, thanks lord). The service is average – in line with my observation in China.

It’s amusing to see that the up market restaurants use decanter, and some waiter even knew not to fill to the brim yet they don’t change your plate and bring up the dishes randomly (whichever is ready?), without regard of the sequence. The appetizer didn’t always come first. When the waiter brought out the noodle that we asked specifically to have it last, he reluctantly took it away. Later he just brought it out again, looking wilted. I supposed we should not expect them to serve us a fresh one. My strategy has been to order the courses that I wanted to have last toward end of the meal.

Anyway, we ordered:

River shrimps 凤尾河虾仁
Steamed shad 清蒸鲥鱼
Pickled crab 话梅醉膏蟹
Sweet n sour spare ribs 糖醋芝麻小排
Kaufu 烤麸

.. among others. They were all very good, except Kaufu which was bit too oily – had it better elsewhere.

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