Hohhot 呼和浩特

In Spring a classmate posted a group of old pictures of Hohhot. I forwarded it to my uncle and aunt who used to work there. As it turned out, they were planning a visit in the summer. We made the trip as soon as Pump arrived, spending three nights, June 6-9.

It’s been raining since we left Datong and as soon as we got off the high way, paid the toll and into the city, we encountered the most exciting drive: high water in a terrain we did not know. We followed other cars got off the road and maneuver around. It’s horrible (for the driver) but thrilling (for the passengers).

The city itself has very little trace of the former glory. It becomes one of the faceless cities – no more identity. The sameness is just so sad. More pix on piwigo, and FB.

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