Lufthansa’s imprint

I took the light rail to the airport because the bus refused to sell me a ticket: she thought it’s too tight and risky. The light airport rail cost RMB(¥) 25. I’ve to take subway from … to Dongzhimen station 东直门. During the change I got plenty help from fellow riders. The rail has only one stop on route to the airport at Sanyuanqiao 三元桥, which has lot more passengers getting on.

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Interesting, I saw this Lufthansa Airbus A380 800 plane with New York imprint on the body when I landed in Beijing from Frankfurt.

Lufthansa, New York

Lufthansa in Beijing, ‘New York’

As the light rail train was pulling into the Beijing  airport on 6/25, I saw a Lufthansa coming in. I thought to myself: it must be my flight, with exactly couple of hours to turnaround. The flight attendant confirmed it later. It was and it has Beijing printed on the body. (My flight from Ffm to BJ scheduled to land on 8:30am and BJ-Ffm departs at 10:30am daily.)

saw my flight landing

saw my flight landing

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