Aman Resorts 安缦

Aman is considered to be the top tier hotel with $1,500 a night price tag average, founded by Adrian Zecha, a Singaporean 1988 through happy accident. A buddies stayed at the Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing when it first opened in 2008, reportedly paying about $800 a night (today ¥3,450.00 = $552). It’s outlandishly opulent with tasteful décor. Hangzhou has one since 2010 (¥5,865 = $938) and USA has two, Amangani in Jackson WY ($1,039) and Amangiri in Canyon Point, UT ($1,462).
Adrian Zecha, the man behind the Amanpuri Hotel and one of Screening of Warner Independent Pictures' "Darfur Now" - Arrivals
Adrian Zecha in 2001 and Omar Amanat (w/ his wife now separated) and Vladislav Doronin his girlfriend, Luo Zilin
However, it’s under a global battle for control at the moment by Omar Amanat, a 42-year-old American entrepreneur and Vladislav Doronin, a Russian property mogul in his early fifties. These pictures are from the Fortune magazine, showed the two warring partners-turned-enemy in suites while the founder in casual attire.

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