I Left My Heart in San Francisco


my love on Alcatraz

How could I not to?!

I’ve been to SF countless times. On my very first visit from Hong Kong, one of my cousins who owned a trinket store at Fisherman’s Wharf said to me .. pick anything you want.
I took this mug that I still use nowadays.
I remembered being scared to death by the wide open highways: driving from point A to point B needed nearly an hour, without traffic. Aunt Chang Ying (Da Gugu 大姑姑) lived in Redwood City, wasn’t that far from the civilization, yet it might as well be the Amazon juggle. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Then few years later, Dad settled there. So going to SF was even less attractive but a place I have to go, from time to time.

This time, I went for my kids or with kids, because Pumpkin wanted to see the 6-lane highway. [Didn’t you see that in Beijing? Of course that didn’t count .. I’m sure they all deleted that trip already.] Told you my kids have the great sense of humor and knew how to get to me. To my horror, I really enjoyed this trip. I felt in love with the city. I even checked out the livability: local swimming and tennis club, etc. SF used to be too slow for my taste.
“Because you’re getting old.” My BFF explained it to me in plain language.
Good point. Well taken.

view fm Twin Peaks

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