Wan Chai Seafood Restaurant


135-11 40th Rd
Flushing, NY 11354

I was there when they opened on December 8, 2014. Food is ok but service is slow – I have to keep my hand in the air to order and to get the bill. The bathroom is clean in Flushing but untidy: using it to store stuff is ok but can’t they keep the inventory neat?
We order the set menu $188 which serves only one lobster. So I ordered the second one to go with it, for $30 extra which is overpriced – given the atmosphere, locale and the pecking order. Also there wasn’t utensils for the lobster. They were quick to push us away, in a rude manner. The dishes were too quick to serve, pretty much at the same time, not really good. They need to provide more real service. Changing the plates isn’t enough, need to do more. file 24602

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