A little town near Dublin.

It was Sunday, most shops closed but the Mall: Swords Central and Pavilions

an Internet café and a mens former wear shop: J. Rocliffe, the Wedding Specialists

We had lunch at Wright’s and watched hurling on TV.

the young owner or manager bouncily came to our table and sat himself down. We sure looked out of place.
“Where are you from?” He asked with that livelily Irish accent, full of enthusiasm.

“New York.”
“Are you here on vacation?”
“No, this is our layover because we missed our flight.”
“Oh ..sorry to hear .. which air line?”
“Aer Lingus.”
He gave us a funny look.
“They’re the worst.”
“Did you have to pay extra?”

On our way back to the airport, the cab driver had similar conversation with us and he said the same thing about their airline – stay away from it.
No more Blarney Stone fancy for me.

We got back on time, plenty of time. There isn’t immigration clearance.

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