How the hamburger is built

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It’s on the north side of the American Museum of Natural History, in the Excelsior Hotel. They serve dinners only on week days.
Two areas by the bar near the entrance are inviting. The dim lighting makes ambiance cozy and welcoming, but it may cover up some imperfection, like the ceiling above our table – it didn’t bother us in anyway, a little home improvement would take care of it.
Good service.
Fake flowers (no no!).
Large portion.
Decent presentation of food.
After we walked out of the hotel onto the street, we unanimously said, “will NOT return.”
The food tastes a little better than the fast food.
The Peruvian Cristal beer is good
Paella is good
Calamari Frito – is too sweet for my taste because I prefer my food salty
Chivita – beet salad with Spanish goat cheese with garlic oil, beets are good but the sauce is rather plain
Vaca Frita al Caballo – Cuban Skirt Steak – disappointing the most, goulash comes to mind.

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