Gotham Bar & Grill

12 E 12 St, New York

According to my dear friend Brion Hathaway, “New York City wuz first nicknamed Gotham by native son Washington Irving in 1807.” Actually I was inspired by his timely completion of his Gotham Chronicles, hacker trilogy that I went there. I had drinks there years ago. His books reminded me of the good time I had there. On yelp & TripAdvisor

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My first impression of the restaurant was, very New York. Duh. The high ceiling (one of my pet peeves) and pretty sophisticated decor, or very New York decor – I’ll stop using New York in this post.

To dine there, a little jammed but being in Union Square/downtown, it’s kind of expected. Decent food with good service. Foods are on the salty side. There are just bit too many steps, may not be the best place for people young and old.


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