Angus Club Steakhouse

An average high price New York steakhouse, with a shaky table.

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The corner building on Lexington Avenue and 55th Street is handsome, so is the entrance on 55th St. On the ground floor, the dining hall is intimate, has about ten tables with a bar. Cluby feel. The basement has a private party that night. Reportedly, it’s much larger.

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The bathroom in the basement has many doors, could be challenging if you get only one chance to escape.

The red (rather sweet) steak sauce was served with bread and butter. I’ve aversion to sweet, and wondering the wisdom of accompanying sauce to the nicely aged beef. But again, at times, I do like my steak deeply marinated, with soy sauce, or Korean BBQ.
Good steak (medium well was tenderer than medium rare) and wonderful lamb chop, in line with other NYC steak house who claim themselves fine dining.
The problem I’ve with it is the table. It is so weak that when I cut my chop, it was like an earthquake that I worried my wine glass may shatter. Their house wine, Chianti by the glass was delicious. My pet peeves for restaurants are stems, dull knife and shaky table. Their wine glass was fine but plates, need an overhaul.

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