Limerick Lane Cellar

1023 Limerick Ln
Healdsburg, CA 95448-9537

Rustic. Three large bay windows frame the vineyard perfectly. Corkscrews are their trade mark.

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Most the vineyards we visited, because they’re small, they sell through their mailing lists or allocations. Limerick Lane is no exception, and they limit the quantity, to 2 bottle per customer for the Russian River Zinfandel ($32). And unfortunately, the vineyard has only two bottles left when we visited.

However, before dinner in Healdsburg, we have a moment or two to kill. The boys wandered into a wine shop that sells Limerick Lane’s Zinfandel, at $32.39. They overjoyed and cleaned the store shelve. At the check out, the cashier reminded them that if they pay together, 6 bottles, she would give them 10% discount. They did, of course.

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