By train in Europe

EuroStar London-Paris July 5th: US$74 (one way)
Paris-Strasbourg-Heidelberg-Frankfurt: July 11-13: US$48 (€39)
– TGV Paris-Strasbourg
– TGV Strasbourg-Heidelberg
– Commuter train Heidelberg-Ffm
ICE Frankfurt-Cologne July 23rd: US$60 (round trip)

I like to travel by train. Nostalgia aside, its convenient and relaxing. Getting to the airport and having to endure the screening, it has becoming a trip of its own – a weary one.

Even during the high of summer, the trains, in Germany anyway are not fully booked. Even if it is, one could still sit in the dining car. We took the early AM train to Köln, wasn’t full but we had breakfast there anyway. The ride was little over an hour, so by the time we finsihed our last bite, the tip of the Cathedral (Dom) came into our view.


the slow commuter train fm Heidelberg to Frankfurt

trains in Germany are still mostly empty ..

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